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For a couple years, questions about French Identity have been nursing debates and infiltrating our daily lives. We want to understand better how this identity is constructed and we believe this quest to be important in our education, we have decided to depart for a world tour to apprehend what constitutes identities of different populations, with different social and geographical situations.

If the French grow up alongside the notion of « Nation, » what does it mean? How do countries build their own identities while parts of their population are politically marginalized, socially oppressed or geographically isolated?

We wish, with our own subjective lenses, take a global photograph of the conditions of politically or geographically marginalized populations. Without immoderate ambitions –given our relative inexperience- our intention is to bring to light a micro-anthropology, allowing us to apprehend and think about individuals in their macrocosms.

We are focused on themes, which are, according to us, constitutive of identities (even if they are don’t fully define it).

These themes correspond to six different and cross-sectional questions:

  1. Disappearing languages
  2. Focus on land and populations’ expropriation
  3. The danger of the museum making of indigenous populations
  4. The place of art and culture in indigenous communities
  5. The role of geographic isolation in the construction of identities
  6. The place of religious and ethnical minorities in a country


Our project does not intend to cover every aspect of the large theme we are tackling. We are seeking to put up together an eclectic picture answering our questions, with testimonies of professionals in these areas of members of marginalized communities.      

The information we will be gathering will be presented to you under the form of a documentary that will be available online –our contribution to help sensitive young people to theses underrepresented issues. Hopefully, by the time we will be returning our homes, we will be able to answer this central question to our project: what does being part of a nation signify?

We are neither anthropologists, nor linguist and far from being specialists of these counties. We will be trying to be as precise and thorough as possible, but mistakes, imprecisions, indelicacies will certainly be made. If you spot any, please send us an email, or contact us directly.

Finally, if you like the project, you can support us, either by helping us find contacts and information, or by donating to our association.  

Your interest in our project means a lot to us, given that the sensitization to this badly known issue is a part of our project in our world tour, so thank you for visiting!

See you soon,

Marie and Sonia